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Stop Paying Rent and Start Building Equity!




  • SCENARIO A: You are an entrepreneur or self-employed professional, but frustrated because you don’t qualify for mortgage loan. Most-likely, your lender offered you an explanation, but it’s no consolation because it doesn’t solve your problem.
  • SCENARIO B: You are a longtime employee with steady income, and make good money, but you don’t qualify for a mortgage loan.
  • You have substantial savings for a down payment, but your credit is damaged, possibly due to a previous housing event (e.g. short sale or foreclosure). However, your credit continues to improve as you pay your existing debt obligations.
  • You feel as though you have no other choice than to sit on your hands, wait, and watch as home prices and interest rates continue to climb. Meanwhile, you continue throwing away your money on outrageously high rent, instead of building equity.



  • Stop paying rent and start building equity!
  • Start working toward home ownership NOW, instead of sometime in the distant future
  • No bank approval necessary
  • Bruised or less than perfect credit okay
  • Buy time to fix or repair any of your existing credit challenges or other deficiencies with your loan application


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