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  • The property can be in any area and any condition.
  • Little or no equity, no problem.
  • We can pay all cash and close quickly, if necessary.
  • We can buy houses at full market price.
  • We can buy or lease a property, make payments, and complete any necessary repairs or upgrades.
  • We will gladly pay you $1,000 per client or property referral.


Do You Know Anyone Who…


  • Owes more than their house is worth?
  • Is trying to avoid paying real estate broker fees?
  • Is behind on their mortgage and unable to make-up the back payments?
  • Is dealing with an uncooperative or unrealistic bank and won’t agree to a short sale?
  • Has a house in need of major repairs and renovations before it can sell, but they don’t have the money?
  • Is facing foreclosure and the bank won’t grant them a loan modification?
  • Is unable to refinance their mortgage because of damage to their credit?
  • Is going through a divorce and just needs to sell the house so they can move on with their lives?
  • Has little or no equity in their house, so real estate agents won’t work with them?
  • Is fed up with bad tenants, delinquent rents, and having to cover mortgage payments out-of-pocket?
  • Is stuck in Probate and having to make mortgage payments on a house they inherited or don’t want?
If so, we are prepared to move quickly and can usually make an offer on a property within 24-48 hours of receiving all of the necessary information.


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